Let’s talk bridesmaid dresses.

When I selected the colors gray and green as my wedding colors, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find pretty gray bridesmaid dresses at a reasonable price. I envisioned short gray dresses (preferably one-shoulder) with the girls holding pretty green and white flowers. After much research, the dresses I currently like the most are as follows:

ImageAnn Taylor Silk Georgette One Shoulder Dress in Medium Grey
Picture 2
J.Crew Kylie Dress in Crinkle Chiffon in Graphite color
Picture 4
J.Crew Sinclair Dress in Silk Chiffon in Graphite color
I really like all of these dresses but would never ask my bridesmaids to spend this kind of money. Therefore, I’m waiting for Ann Taylor or J.Crew to have one of their sales – hoping for a 30% or 40% discount to happen soon! For those brides interested in dresses from these same stores, there are some GREAT sales to be had this week (unfortunately not in the gray color that I’m looking for!). J.Crew is offering an extra 40% off of sale styles and Ann Taylor is having their “Semi-Annual Sale,” with dresses up to 60% off original prices. Looking for navy, pink or light purple dresses (colors that there seem to be a lot of in the sale section)? You might be in luck if you’re also searching for a good deal!What color bridesmaid dresses are you looking for?

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk bridesmaid dresses.

  1. Leanne says:

    Such a cute blog, Meredith!! Great idea with the bridesmaids dresses; for my wedding we got the girls bridesmaids dresses off of JCrew’s website (on Clearance) for $65.00 a dress!

    • maphares says:

      Thanks, Leanne! We actually wound up finding a 24-hour sale at Ann Taylor and the girls were able to purchase the dresses with a coupon code online. They’re really cute and can’t wait to see them on them!

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